What Causes Nerve Stress?

When it comes to nerve stress and the benefits chiropractic care can have, we get questions regarding what actually causes nerve stress.   One big cause of nerve stress is physical trauma. Physical trauma could be from the birthing process, sports, riding a bike. Nerve stress can be caused by car accidents, repetitive motions at the office, long periods of sitting, improper lifting and everyday activities as well.

Physical Trauma

One of the most toughest injuries for the body to recover from are the ones that are repetitive; the ones that we encounter every single day. Poor posture caused by lounging around on the couch all day is another factor.  If you spend a lot of time sitting or laying on the couch, it can also lead to lack of muscle tone and inadequate nutrition. All of which can affect the spine and your overall health.


Then we know the big factor is lifestyle stress and it is getting more and more involved in our lives today. Researches studying the mind-body connection find there are many types of physical complaints that are related to poor health. Muscles in the soft tissue of the spine are commonly involved. Everything from deadlines, to financial worries, to traffic jams that cause stress can definitely affect the body and the mind.

Chemical Imbalances

And then, another way is chemical imbalances. The function of the nervous system can be affected by many types of drugs, alcohol and medication. Exposure to tobacco, a high fat diet, even a high protein diet…you know the body can only handle so much protein at one time and if you over eat, that will turn to fat as well. Environmental causes can have adverse effects on the body. Stress, negative thoughts, worry, getting emotionally upset can manifest themselves in the spine.

While we can’t control many of the stressors that occur in our lifestyle, chiropractic care can help to keep you healthy and relieve some of the stress on your body mentally and physically.  So contact your chiropractor.  If you don’t have one, contact Discover Health and Wellness Aurora We are happy to help!