3 Reasons Pregnant Women Seek Chiropractic Care

More and more pregnant women seek chiropractic care for back pain. But you may be asking yourself why.  There are 3 reasons pregnant women seek chiropractic care. The first reason is that during pregnancy, natural hormonal changes causing a softening of ligament and loosening of joints as her body prepares to give birth. The second reason is that a shift in her center of gravity causes added stress to general posture. The third reason is for general stress and exhaustion.

Body Changes During Pregnancy

So during pregnancy when you go to a chiropractor, a chiropractor is going to look for any places that your pelvis might have shifted. Where those muscles might have been tight and changed the shape of how that house for the baby is sitting. Now if that pelvis is distorted it makes a not so happy home for baby and also can make it harder for the baby to come out during birth.

Safe & Gentle Assessment

After being assessed where those distortions in the pelvis might be, a chiropractor is able to give safe and gentle adjustments to bring that back into a state of balance making that home for baby more comfortable for you and for the little one that you’re taking care of and growing. Once we’ve created that balance within the pelvis, things like low back pain that could be due to a rotated sacrum in the back, or tight round ligaments or a pubic bone that might be shearing in the front can help be alleviated. It will also create a much more comfortable environment for you and baby.

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