How To Balance Work And Home

For many individuals, the quest for a healthy work and home balance appears like a unimaginable objective.
With such a significant number of us torn between juggling our busy workload, managing personal relationships and family duties, and pursuing outside interests, it’s no surprise that one in four Americans consider themselves stressed out! Being super stressed is definitely not healthy.

Side Effects Of Stress

In our hurry to “complete everything” at work and at home, it’s easy to forget that as our feelings of anxiety spike, our efficiency and productivity takes a nose dive. Stress can destroy our focus, make us bad tempered or discouraged, and hurt our professional and personal relationships.

Over time, stress also weakens our immune systems, and makes us defenseless to an assortment of afflictions from colds to body aches and pains to heart disease. The latest research shows that chronic stress can actually double our risk of having a heart attack. That statistic alone is enough to raise your blood pressure!

While we all need a healthy amount of stress to motivate us, the key to managing stress is balance. Not only is achieving a healthy work/life balance an attainable goal but businesses and employees alike see the benefits. When workers have a healthy work and home balance, they are more productive, take fewer sick days, and are more likely to stay in their jobs.

How To Maintain A Healthy Work Life

To maintain a healthy work life, depending on your profession, you can follow some or all of these tips:

Set Reasonable Goals At Work-Research shows the more control we have over our workload, the less stressed out we get. So set realistic goals and take care of urgent and important tasks first while eliminating tasks that aren’t essential.

Communicate Effectively-If you feel you are overwhelmed or in over your head, communicate that with your boss. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or to stand your ground. Remember, you are your best advocate. Look at the situation from a different viewpoint and be open to compromise. If you feel yourself getting worked up over a situation, give yourself time to cool off before communicating.

Listen To Music-Listening to music lowers stress and reduces anxiety. If you are able to listen on the job, pop in your headphones when you need to unwind or get motivated. If your job prohibits music, listening on your break can change your mood.

Take A Break-Encourage yourself to get up and take a small break at work or during a project. Stepping away will help clear your head and help you make better decisions when you return back to your task.

Offer Yourself A Reprieve-Nobody is perfect! Allow yourself to be human and simply do as well as can be expected.

To Maintain A Healthy Home Life

All of the tips that you can do at work, will apply in your home and personal life as well.  However, one way you may have more time to do when you are not at work is exercise! Exercise not only strengthens your body, but it helps clear your mind. When you exercise, you produce chemicals in the brain that make you feel better, improves your self esteem, and increases your overall energy levels.

Chiropractic Care To Help Balance Your Work And Home

Getting regular chiropractic care means a healthier central nervous system, spine, and overall body. A chiropractor may be able to align the spine into its proper place, which improves your health overall in the long run.

For balancing the body, chiropractic care can keep your flexibility in tact, your skeletal system strong, and your central nervous system working top notch. You’ll be better able to complete your tasks because your body will be in better health.

For balancing the mind, chiropractic care can make the central nervous system work properly. The central nervous system is the communication source for all of your body, so by keeping it in good health, your body and mind can communicate properly and effectively.

For balancing the life, chiropractic care can help you stay healthy, and therefore, positive about life. Those that get regular chiropractic care often report a healthier sense of self, a stronger body, and a more efficient and more productive life.

Your number one priority should be to take care of yourself.  Most importantly, taking care of your health and wellness.  Call us today or schedule an appointment to take the first step in taking care of you!