Sports Injury Chiropractor

Your Aurora Chiropractor along with the entire team at Discover Health and Wellness can help with sports injuries.

We provide many treatment options for sports injuries. We promote optimal life and we encourage all of our patients to stay active. A great way to stay active is through sports, however, many times participation can lead to sports injury. At Discover Health and Wellness, we understand how debilitating these types of injuries can be. Our effective protocols are able to alleviate symptoms, get to the source of the problem, and get you back to an active lifestyle. Your body is very intelligent and will tell you you are injured through symptoms. Some of the most common sports injury symptoms are swelling, burning, muscle pains, inflammation, and muscle spasms. There are many different types of sports injuries and common injuries include: back and neck injuries, knee injuries, muscle strains, tendinitis, spinal misalignments, contusions, stress factors, and tennis elbow. If you are searching for a chiropractor in the greater Denver area, Discover Health and Wellness can help. We also proudly serve Aurora Colorado.